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Pronto Insurance is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Pronto Insurance!

We now offer car insurance quotes from Pronto throughout Florida.


Our favorite part of working with Pronto Insurance is a focus on Hispanic consumers, which is extremely helpful in our home state of Florida! Additionally, Pronto has a  simple, straightforward product selection. Pronto offers only three different car insurance options, each with 6-month terms. Find out more about the brand, and why you’re in great hands when you choose a Pronto Auto Insurance policy.



Company Overview


Pronto Insurance operates in Florida, Texas and California, and recently acquired Pro General Insurance Solutions, Inc. and Pro General Claims Administrators, Inc. Since 1997, Pronto is committed to offering the best in service and coverage. Headquartered in Southern Texas, the company is a financial service and insurance provider, backed by chief investor Palladium.

Palladium is a middle market private equity firm with more than $2.5 billion in assets under management. An enterprising group, Palladium invested over $1 billion in capital in over 20 platform investments and 50+ add-on acquisitions since opening its doors in 1997. Like Pronto, Palladium emphasizes the importance of serving Hispanic customers, and helping founder-owned businesses transition to larger scale.

The company provides an unparalleled customer service experience, high value insurance products with a low price tag, and reliable support when the time comes to utilize your benefits. Pronto is dedicated to upholding its core values of integrity, efficiency, reliability, and excellence. They are always looking for ways to better their business practices, optimize operations, and deliver a superior level of quality across the board.

Pronto translates to “soon” in Spanish, an acknowledgment of efficiency and speed. The bottom line of choosing Pronto Insurance over another carrier? This company will handle your car insurance matters ASAP, and has the financial stability to keep you driving safely and securely.

Pronto customers have peace of mind that as members of the Hispanic community, there is an insurer is in tune with your culture, speaks your language, and understands your specific needs. Pronto Insurance will cover you, your passengers, and your vehicle with ease, and help you get back on the road at an affordable price – muy rapido y facilmente.


Hablamos Espanol Tambien!



Pronto Insurance Products


All Pronto Insurance plans are offered to International Drivers. These policies offer solutions for Floridians who want to save money and understand their coverage.


Pronto Value


The Pronto Value plan is exclusively for Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage. It does not offer Bodily Injury Liability. Value plans do not take credit into consideration, and offers the lowest available down payment at 16.6 percent!

Pro General Value – Underwriting Guidelines & Product Manual


Pronto PPA

The PPA policy offers Bodily Injury Liability up to full coverage, and may include Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage, if you choose. Please note that your credit history will be required and evaluated during the application process. If you do have good credit, PPA is a great program for you and your vehicle with low rates and valuable coverage options.


Pro General PPA – Underwriting Guidelines & Product Manual


Pronto Choice

Pronto Choice applications do not ask for credit information while determining costs and eligibility. It allows for Bodily Injury Protection up to full coverage. Alternately, you may choose Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage only.


Pronto Insurance – Florida Program Comparison



Important Pronto Customer Information


Report a Claim:

Claims Reporting Information

Florida Claims Form

Claims Adjuster Phone: 844.776.4361


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 12150

La Crescenta, CA 91224


Customer Service Contact:

Phone: 844.776.4361





Underwriting & Service Information for Pronto Policies

First Installment

Your initial premium payment to start coverage is due 30 days after the policy’s effective date.

Late Payments

A $10 late fee applies on the 5th day after the policy due date.

Grace Period

Generally, there is a 10 day grace period before Pronto terminates coverage for nonpayment of premium.

The cancel date is noted on the policy summary screen at the top left hand side of the screen.

Vehicle pictures are required before binding.
For any policy with Comprehensive and Collision, 4 vehicle pictures required Prior to Binding.


15 day reinstatement period (although can go up to 30 days with UW approval)


Pronto Roadside Assistance Program

Pronto Policyholders receive 3 services per year.


There is a limit of one (1) service within a seventy two (72) hour period and up to 10 miles.

No excluded drivers are allowed on policies with Liability only.


As of 7/17/2019, Pronto will allow excluded drivers for PIP/PD alone without the physical damage add on. This is effective for all (3) Pronto products -Value, Choice and PPA/Auto. Furthermore, Pronto added 25/50 BI limits to the Pronto PPA/Auto product as a coverage option.

When binding a Pronto policy be careful identifying people as being married if they have different last names. Pronto requires the insured to provide a marriage certificate in those cases.

Pronto Insurance Quoting and Binding Guide (PDF)

Pronto Underwriting Contact Information

Phone: (844) 776-4361 option 3


Please note that Pronto charges the client $6 for MVR per driver, FLINSCO agent should only charge policy holder $10 policy fee.

The Pronto Value is only for PIP/PD and PIP/CC and does not offer BI. Value does not look at credit and carries our lowest offered Down Payment at 16.6% with EFT. A huge plus is even with the low 16.6% DP the-1st payment is due in a full 30 days. To exclude with Value you have to have PIP/PD with Comp Collision.

The Pronto PPA can also show as “Pronto Auto” given the rater. PPA is for BI up to Full Coverage, you can also do PIP/PD only as well, this program does pull credit and the only one for now that allows you to exclude for PIP/PD alone without having physical damage coverage. You will sell PPA with your better credit driven customers.

The Pronto Choice product is a mix of the other two, does not pull credit and allows for BI up to full coverage, you can also do PIP/PD only. To exclude with choice you must have PIP/PD with comp collision similar to the Value product.

All (3) Products allow for international drivers!






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