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Florida Auto Insurance Quotes


All Florida drivers are required to carry at least two types of coverage:


Property Damage Liability (PDL)

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)


PIP is also known as No-Fault Insurance in Florida.

It covers you irregardless of whether you caused a crash or not.

To round off your auto policy, Bodily Injury Liability is also highly recommended.


Florida policy minimums:

$10,000 in PIP

$10,000 in PDL


Other drivers may be required to carry additional types of insurance under the terms of their lease or because of a poor driving history.

Not to worry, FLINSCO.com specializes in making sure that all drivers get the coverage they need, even with an SR-22, DUI, or bad credit rating. 


To shield yourself from those who are literally trying to get away with murder by driving without insurance, you can purchase uninsured motorists insurance. 


Find out more in our Florida Auto 101 Section.



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