Kay Harriott


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Experience & Knowledge


At FLINSCO.com, Kay is a Licensed Insurance Agent who sells personal and commercial auto insurance products.

“I’ve sold health & life insurance as well. I am also a licensed Paralegal.”

Kay has 5 years of insurance sales experience, the last year in auto insurance.

As a result, Kay beams with excellent customer service skills acquired from many years in the field.





On FLINSCO.com Corporate Culture


“What I like about working with the FLINSCO.COM Team is the team work we display. Also we have great customer service support. I like talking to a wide range of different customers, WE ARE ALWAYS BUSY!”


What motivates me to create positive customer interactions are the many happy customers and continuous referrals we receive. I myself have great reviews online with the company. The positive feedback I have received and continue to get as I work here longer truly makes me want to work harder, and reach more people seeking our services.




On a Personal Note…


Favorite Quote:


Whatever you do in life, make sure you made an impact doing it.