Scott Goldblatt

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Experience & Knowledge

Scott is a Senior Sales Agent at He has been in the insurance industry for more than 10 years and holds a 2-20 license in the State of Florida. In that time, his focus has been to educate customers and empower them to make better buying decisions.

He says, “Insurance is an intangible product, which often makes it difficult for a customer to realize exactly what they need or want.” 

Scott has had the benefit of working for some of the top South Florida health and auto agencies. In these environments, he has become familiar with all the top Florida carriers.

On Corporate Culture

Scott also appreciates working with strong sales and customer service teams at, noting that “we are always looking out for each other and  making sure the client has an awesome experience.”

Offering valuable insights into the local market and knowing how to help his clients, he asserts that you should “never try to sell anything to anyone, education is key.”

“There is always ongoing training and support, which makes it easier to find a proper fit for each customer.

Much like my love for music, when I’m writing or composing a song, each line and each note has a place.

The same can be said about matching a customer to a plan.”