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Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association


FLINSCO.com offers coverage from Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association, an organization designed as a solution for the high risk market. It is also ominously called the “Market of Last Resort.”

As our agency specializes in the nonstandard auto insurance market, FAJUA is a unique component of our carrier selection.


What is FAJUA?


Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA) gives each insurance company in Florida the authority to write liability and property damage car insurance plans. FAJUA was created as part of Sections 627.311 and 627.351 in Florida Statutes by order of the Insurance Commissioner.

This program is available to high-risk, licensed drivers and car owners. If your driving history is less than ideal and you are unable to obtain coverage as a result, FAJUA may be one of your only options. Thanks to the network of high risk auto insurance providers who offer their plans, FAJUA provides affordability and peace of mind for those who otherwise cannot shop the standard auto insurance market.

Although the organization caters to nonstandard drivers in Florida, its parent company AIPSO is the service provider for FAJUA, and is based in Rhode Island.




Important FAJUA Customer Information


Contact FAJUA Customer Service


Phone: 800-827-6370


Fax: 800-516-1923


General Email: FAJUA-AIO@aipso.com


Email Inquiries: help@fajua.com


Florida Plan Administration Address:


1425 Piedmont Drive East, Suite 201 A

Tallahassee, FL 32308


Mailing Address:

Florida Auto JUA — serviced by AIPSO
PO Box 6530
Providence, RI 02940-6530


Payment Address:

Florida Auto JUA — serviced by AIPSO
PO Box 6530
Providence, RI 02940-6530


Physical Address:

Florida Auto JUA — serviced by AIPSO
302 Central Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919


Report a Claim


Report a Claim by Phone: 866-391-9675


Claims Fax: 800-393 8104


Claims Email: YorkClaimsIntake@yorkrsg.com


Mailing Address:


PO Box 183188

Columbus, OH 43218









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