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Company Overview


FLINSCO.com offers a complete selection of Home Insurance products from Homeowners Choice Insurance Company.


Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company is dedicated to offering quality products, backed by strong financial ratings, and supported by a responsive service department. All good qualities to help you keep your home a safe place to hang your hat.

Florida homeowners have additional considerations to make being first in line for climate change. Rising tides make it all the more important to stay insured with the right coverage. Add-on policies and benefits are available to complete your coverage without leaving your property exposed to grave financial risk.

Founded in 2007, Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company operates out of Tampa, Florida. Products are available in Arkansas, California, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas, with North Carolina and Ohio on the horizon. They also own TypTap, a home and flood insurer with great ratings specializing in Flood Insurance.

According to Insurance Journal, Homeowners Choice is one of the top writers of flood coverage in the State of Florida. Financial backing is secure, meaning that your claims will be paid, with a rating of “A” awarded to Homeowners Choice for Exceptional financial strength by Demotech.

Homeowners Choice is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HCI Group. The company is backed by reinsurance partners worldwide to help meet the needs of homeowners with devastating claims, as Florida hurricane seasons are no small feat to insure.


Homeowners Choice Insurance Products


Homeowners Choice has you covered from the basics of broad form HO3 to insure your Moroccan rugs, to medical payments for the Jehovah’s Witness who twisted an ankle on your doorstep.

As a trustworthy property and casualty carrier, Homeowners Choice is also a great resource for Renters and Landlords.


Available Coverages


Home Insurance


Cover your house and what’s inside of it, as well as your yard and other structures on the grounds. Policies come with coverage for loss of use, personal liability, and medical payments.


Condo Insurance


Condominium insurance from Homeowners Choice is offered with standard broad form coverage. Out of the box, the plan will also insure you for medical payments, loss of use and personal liability costs.


Dwelling/Landlord Insurance


The right landlord coverage is very important to help you rent out property with peace of mind. Dwelling/Landlord Insurance plans from Homeowners Choice cover structures and personal items sufficiently, yet to a lesser extent than a standard homeowners plan.


Flood Insurance


Flood insurance is essential in Florida and Homeowners Choice Private Market Flood plans are a nice alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) products. TypTap is HCPCI’s exclusively flood insurance product brand, available throughout Florida.




Important Homeowners Choice Customer Information


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Customer Service Phone: 888.210.5235 or 844.530.4099


Customer Service Fax: 813.865.0170


Customer Service Email: customerservice@hcpci.com


Payments Mailing Address
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Corporate Mailing Address
5300 W Cypress Street Ste 100
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Report a Claim by Phone: 866.324.3138 


Claims Department Fax: 813.443.0830


Claims Email: claims@hcpci.com


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