Small Business Property Insurance empowers you to operate your business with ease and peace of mind.


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Small Business Property Insurance protects the inventory, equipment, transportation, and other gear you need to run your business.


Cover repairs or replacements to your wares if something is damaged or completely ruined in a natural disaster, fire, peril or qualifying event, or subject to theft.


Property and Casualty Insurance carrier The Hartford published a study showing that 4 out of 10 small companies will have reason to file a claim for their business in the next 10 years. The study from 2015 listed the average cost of claims for small businesses.


Claims expenses add up quickly. Vandalism and theft often cost about $8,000 per claim according to the study. Water and freezing pipe damage is usually a $17,000 claim. Hail and wind damages cost $26,000 on average. The most spendy claims are fire-related, often costing about $35,000.


As indicated by these numbers, any financial assistance would be ideal if something were to happen to your business. So, commercial property coverage would surely help you avoid major financial setbacks in such an event.


Insurance won’t solve all of your problems, nor cover every expense. However, the right policy can help you keep the shop open and website up and running even if a pipe bursts or a server goes kaput.


Property Insurance Plans typically cover the following areas for Business Owners:



Company-Owned Office Space












Top 10 Property and Liability Claims


Most CommonMost Costly
Burglary & Theft (20%)Reputational Harm ($50,000)
Water and Freezing Damage (15%)Vehicle Accident 3 ($45,000)
Wind and Hail Damage 6 (15%)Fire($35,000)
Fire (10%)Product Liability 4 ($35,000)
Customer Slip and Fall(10%)Customer Injury or Damage 5 ($30,000)
Customer Injury and Damage(Less than 5%)Wind and Hail Damage($26,000)
Product Liability(Less than 5 percent)Customer Slip and Fall ($20,000)
Struck by Object (Less than 5 percent)Water and Freezing Damage ($17,000)
Reputational Harm (Less than 5 percent)Struck by Object ($10,000)
Vehicle Accident (Less than 5 percent)Burglary and Theft ($8,000)



What is Small Business Property Insurance?

Small Commercial Property Coverage can offer reimbursement for business property when it’s snatched, scratched, or demolished.

Theft, damage and destruction of property will likely be covered by your plan with regards to your building, including fixtures, machinery, and equipment; contents of your building such as office supplies, furniture, and items for sale; and other people’s property left in your care, control, or custody.


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